Something fishy - a triptych by Mary Deaville in Pebeo Mixed Media


This famous painting of Mary Deaville's was exhibited in The Strand Gallery in London 2017. 

Something Fishy was inspired by Newent Lake when The Secret Gallery started it's Annual competition.  It was created on 3 canvas pannels to give the impression of looking through the baalustrade of the bridge at Newent Lake and all the fish were painted in full before being painted over to had the water, reflections, ripples, ducks and foliage, layer by layer.  As the mixed media paint dries, it interacts with itself and creates amazing effects. The anticipation of waiting for the next day to see how it dried was both exhilarating and joyous.  Only topped when it was exhibited in London!  


I'm sure you will be proud to hang this painting on your own wall too.

  • Size

    Unframed canvas triptych 

    3 x 100cm x 20cm x 1cm


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