Marrow (Paperback book) Signed copy

Marrow (Paperback book) Signed copy

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About the Book: 

Excitable - Inquisitive - Fearless - bit of a Know-it-all eleven year old Marrow gets rudely pulled through a small keyhole in a painting.  She then finds herself in an oddball forest world of creatures and things she knows about, and a few she does not!  Some of them see her as a tasty meal on legs, and others try to help her find her way back.


As she navigates her way through this endless leary world of wonder, fun and danger, she must use her imagination, wits, and Girl Guide Know-how to get out of endless scrapes and adventures.  T.L.G.


The expected time for the book to arrive with us for signing is End of June 2020 so if you preorder from me NOW Theo and I are offering a promotional price is only £12 until the end of june.


ISBN no 9 781912 243952 MARROW - written by Theo L Gardener and Illustrated by Mary Deaville



Carl French, editor at The Endless Bookcase, said “Theo is a very experienced author and story teller and I’m amazed that he hasn’t previously had anything published.   In my view ‘Marrow’  makes a refreshing change from a lot of the dumbed-down children’s books around today.   The book is full of weird and wonderful stuff and Mary’s illustrations do a marvellous job in bringing everything to life.” The illustration’s themselves are full of subtle little touches which I’m sure that sharp-eyed young readers will love.

The book will be out soon.


Theo and I would like to thank you for supporting us in this new adventure.


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