Brighten your day with a piece of artwork on your wall...

So here's the thing.... We are all in lock down, galleries closed, coffee shops closed and we you are probably getting stir crazy by now.

Some of you will still be working, NHS, supermarket staff, refuse collectors, postmen etc. If that's you then thank you very much for risking your life for everyone and taking the flack that people give you, while just trying to do your job.

Others are at home and not earning, me being one of those, wondering where the money is going to come from to pay bills until you are allowed to work again.

So this may sound like a selfish plea, and of course it is, but If you have disposable funds and would be interested in buying artwork to adorn your walls and cheer you up, then please take a look at my website and see if you like anything enough to purchase. If you don't that's fine, maybe take a look at another local artists work and support them instead. For instance: Vannessa Rhead paints the most inspiring buildings, brick by brick to make you fall in love with the building and the painting. Or how about a piece of stunning, unique jewelry by Karin Whittaker for a birthday present for someone?

I have paintings in a variety of styles....






If you got this far down the page , then THANK YOU !!

If you found something you like and would like to know more, contact me on my website via the Contact Me page or feel free to email me at

All delivery costs are FREE during this time of lock down and I can gift wrap for you if it is a gift for someone dear to you. Payment can be made via Paypal or Sum Up mobile payment over the phone.

Thank you for supporting your local artists and stay safe.

Mary Deaville


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